SVN Mirror Add-On
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Create Git mirror of a Subversion repository within Stash. Fast and Simple.

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What is SubGit

SubGit is tool for a smooth, stress-free Svn to Git migration. Create writable Git mirror of a local or remote Subversion repository and use both Subversion and Git as long as you like.

Version 2.0 of SubGit introduces support for a remote Subversion repositories, so that to build a Git mirror, no shell access to Subversion repository is required (see complete release notes for a new version).

What is SubGit

SubGit lets one to set up a bidirectional Subversion to Git replication (writable mirror). Visit documentation page to get more information.

Why SubGit

SubGit is a solution for a company-wide migration from Svn to Git that is:

Start Using SubGit Now

Download SubGit 2.0.3 for free and evaluate it without any limitations as long as you like. We do our best to support all SubGit users and offer dedicated commercial support if required.

Follow instructions in SubGit Book to set up reliable bidirectional Subversion to Git replication with SubGit in a few minutes (depending on your repository size).

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